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Eco & Breakfast - Wide Open

November 07, 2011
The next big thing from Eco's debut album 'M(You)sic', is the indulging collaboration with USproducer Breakfast. 'Wide Open' cuts loose from the boundaries of progressive, rock and melodictrance, bringing you an open-minded track with immediate impact.Marcello Pacheco and Casey Keyworth are some of the leading names in a new generation of dance producers, with no restrictions in sound, technology or open-mindedness. These guys know how create a sound of innovation, both building a solid reputation in today's dance scene. Breakfast impressed the masses with tracks such as 'The Horizon', 'Air Guitar' and 'The Climb', while Eco climbed up with 'Light At The End', 'Lost Angeles' and his latest pieces of 'Over Paper Skies' and 'The Light In Your Eyes Went Out'. This time, they're joining forces, and present their magical piece of 'Wide Open'. A deep, but melodic and slightly uplifting track, that catches you right away. 'Wide Open' blends a solid prog-trance beat with the mystery feel of melody, male vocals and a kick that will make it impossible not to move. If you're looking for something slightly more housy, check the remix of Swedish producer Johan Malmgren. His 'Wide Open' remix electrifies with all the right notes and works on any type of dance floor.


  1. 0. Wide Open (Original Mix) (07:15)
  2. 0. Wide Open (Johan Malmgren Remix) (07:26)
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