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Driftmoon & Andy Blueman feat. Dsharp - Exodus

October 14, 2013
For everyone that thought trance had lost its originality - think again and open those ears to the latest ASOT release. Driftmoon, Andy Blueman and D-Sharp have teamed up, and we've only got this to say: 'Exodus' is about to blow your mind. The play of heartrending violin, powerful melodies of synth and the overwhelming effect of trance music. 'Exodus' is pure emotion, so it's no wonder it's been supported on A State of Trance 623, 624 and 625, and many more following. Brace yourself for this one, because rest assured, it'll find you on the dance floor.


  1. 1. Exodus (Original Mix) (06:40)
  2. 2. Exodus (Radio Edit) (04:16)
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