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Dots Per Inch feat. Effie - Emotion

May 31, 2018
On the heels of the infectious original and equally sensational VIP Mix, Dots Per Inch’s ‘Emotions’ emerges again. Aimed at the dancefloor through the respective renditions of Coreyography and DJ Grind & Toy Armada, the widely esteemed Armada Deep release is ready to conquer the House scene once more.

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  1. 1. Emotion (DJ Grind & Toy Armada Remix) (03:24)
  2. 2. Emotion (Coreyography Remix) (02:45)
  3. 3. Emotion (DJ Grind & Toy Armada Extended Remix) (06:24)
  4. 4. Emotion (Coreyography Extended Remix) (04:07)
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