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DNS Project - Exclusive

December 19, 2011
After a busy few months in the studio, Estonian producer Rene Pais hands in a new favour for the hungry crowds: 'Exclusive'. A warm, proggy track, bursting with energy!His collab with Madelin Zero, 'Another Day', still lingers in our minds and the rocking beats of his Clashback project, 'Stack', gets us moving months after its original release. But producer Rene Pais is no person to sit still. The young talent kicks in with 'Exclusive', an energetic piece of prog-trance, combining a melodic touch with a solid, rough edge of tech.This one will keep you going, no matter what time of night or day!


  1. 1. Exclusive (Bigroom Mix) (08:14)
  2. 2. Exclusive (Big Room Edit) (03:27)
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