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DJ Remy - Strobophonic/20 Dollars

November 30, 2009
Do we really need to introduce this Dutch house and techno legend? Guess not, for this The Hague resident has been part of music since the summer of 1990 and left quite a few landmarks along the way, which you've surely remembered. 19 years after the discovery of his long-lasting passion for music, he brings out a new EP on his very own 68 Recordings label. Known to be a master of the groovy techno sound and the progressive-house movement, 'Strobophonic' lies between both. A massive build-up, with all the beats and bits right where they ought to be, bring you to an almost romantic, but surely indulging break. Soft melodic piano and stabby flashes ultimately bring down the house. Sharing the same philosophy, is '20 Dollars'. A maddening, techy house track that just keeps on building.


  1. 0. Strobophonic (Original Mix) (07:33)
  2. 0. 20 Dollars (Original Mix) (07:43)
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