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DJ Governor - Shades Of Grey / Pale Memories

January 03, 2011
When asked for a description about his typical sound, Norwegian DJ and producer Ørjan Nilsen explains that all of his sounds reflect himself, the way he feels and thinks. We're obviously dealing with a very interesting person here then, as Ørjan's highly diversified releases have a hard time fitting one single genre. The summer-spirited, guitar-driven 'La Guitarra', rousing housy 'So Long Radio' and his perfect balancing act 'Shoutbox' don't find their home anywhere else but the dancefloor. The more techy and progressive corners of EDM also have the interest of this talent, who's currently working on his debut album. As a result of his style-playground visit, he presents the highly anticipated 'Pale Memories' and 'Shades Of Grey', under his DJ Governer moniker. This EP is going to make your day, no matter which mood you're in. 'Pale Memories' leans towards pure euphoria and rides ingenious techy elements. Powerful synths and a deep energetic feel are what you'll find on this one. 'Shades Of Grey', on the contrary, is more dramatic, but a pure floor destroyer nonetheless. With its broad range of effects and bold bassline, it'll grab your attention from the very first beat. Support by: Markus Schulz, Judge Jules, Paul Oakenfold, Gareth Emery, W&W, Simon Patterson, Sean Tyas, Ashley Wallbridge, Riger Shah, Lange, tyDi


  1. 0. Shades Of Grey (Original Mix) (08:37)
  2. 0. Pale Memories (Original Mix) (07:53)
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