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DJ Feel feat. Aelyn - Your Love

August 26, 2012
Lighting the dark nights with a strong vocal piece of prog-trance, is Russia's DJ Feel. Together with upcoming Ukrainian singer/songwriter Aelyn, he lands the warming 'Your Love'. Enlightening dance land with his warm, flowing prog-trance sound since 2009, Saint Petersburg based Philip Belikov has spread some impressive musical pieces. Under his DJ Feel moniker, he didn't only release outstanding originals, but also collaborated with the likes of Alexander Popov, Aurosonic, Matisse & Sadko and vocalists such as Emma Lock and Tiff Lacey. Singer/songwriter Aelyn is next. On 'Your Love' they join forces, and provide a melodic and tender vocal anthem of prog-trance quality. On the remix, Future Sound of Egypt resident Bjorn Akesson brings out the booming bass and energy of 'Your Love', providing a strong big-room edge.


  1. 1. Your Love (Original Vocal Mix) (07:30)
  2. 2. Your Love (Original Dub) (07:30)
  3. 3. Your Love (Bjorn Akesson Remix) (08:16)
  4. 4. Your Love (Bjorn Akesson Dub Remix) (08:17)
  5. 5. Your Love (Radio Edit) (03:31)
  6. 6. Your Love (Bjorn Akesson Radio Edit) (03:16)
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