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DJ Eco featuring Lira Yin - Love

May 31, 2010
It's the most discussed topic all around the globe: love. It's the one, intangible and indescribable thing that can keep you going, break you down or simply put a smile on your face. That magical spell of love has now been caught in a 7 minute track of New-York based producer Marcello Pacheco. Spreading his love for music under his Eco moniker, he's made a name for himself with tracks like 'Paradise Now', 'Garden State', 'What Do You See' and 'Borealis'. The second vocal track of 2010 has just been added to the line-up of must-haves. 'Love', featuring the vocals of US vocalist Lira Yin, translates the enrapturing effect of love in all its diversity. 'Love' hits in with mesmerizing vocals, flaming trance synths and a melody that says more than a thousand words could ever say. So enough said, all you need to know is that this is an anthem about love you won't forget about soon. The Dub mix of 'Love' is arousing the second CD of Armin van Buuren's 'A State of Trance 2010' and we're pretty sure it'll bring even more love to the clubs. Eco also delivers a deeper, progressive side of 'Love' in the Badlands remix, breaking into peak-time electric prog-stabs after the break.


  1. 0. Love (Vocal Mix) (07:18)
  2. 0. Love (Dub Mix) (07:18)
  3. 0. Love (Badlands Remix) (07:14)
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