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Divini & Warning - MFE

August 13, 2012
Arising from the insatiable need of going wild on the dance floor, is a new sound. Energetic Sounds. The brand new Armada label, all about the eclectic big-room movement of today, kicks off with a smashing tune by Dutch duo Divini & Warning, 'M.F.E.'. And big room it is! Artento Divini and Melvin Warning have both earned their stripes in dance land. Their story of success now gets a new peak, possibly topping their mega hit '4LB'. Having the honor to raise the curtain of Armada's latest addition in music labels, it's nothing but an absolute highlight. We're talking about 'MFE', a stomping tune with a maddening character, deep, loud bass and an electro core of synth-driven craziness. Energetic Sounds sure makes a statement, and making sure you hear all about it.


  1. 1. MFE (Original Mix) (05:05)
  2. 2. MFE (Radio Edit) (02:31)
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