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Divini & Warning - Just A Sound

November 19, 2012
Having had the honor of kicking off the Energetic Sounds label, Divini & Warning now return with a smacking follow-up. 'Just A Sound' is the exact punch in the face to keep you going at nighttime! The Dutch duo, who shot to fame with the contagious '4LB' in 2006, have returned with new energy. Cruising the harder wave of EDM styles, their eclectic sound combines the forces of house, electro and hardstyle, as it all melts into one on 'Just A Sound'. The follow-up to 'M.F.E.' rides a strong melody, leading to the maddening touchdown of hardstyle bass and rhythmic pleasure. Another one to kill silence. Young talents Peter Knife and Renvo make 'Just A Sound' fit for the wider audience, keeping their focus on the big-room house side of things. Playful, peak-time and meant to be played out loud!


  1. 1. Just A Sound (Original Mix) (06:00)
  2. 2. Just A Sound (Knife & Renvo Bigroom Remix) (05:50)
  3. 3. Just A Sound (Radio Edit) (02:45)
  4. 4. Just A Sound (Knife & Renvo Bigroom Radio Edit) (02:58)
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