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Disfunktion & Husman feat. Chris Arnott - Everything Is Beautiful

May 20, 2016
Made evident through magical chord progressions, enthralling melodies and Chris Arnott's soaring vocal tones, this record's got it all. Due to a heartbeat-quickening original cut, a fully throttled alternative version, and a ravaging Jochen Miller rendition, this latest addition to the Armada Trice label is destined to be one of this summer season's festival anthems. No matter what Disfunktion and Husman churn out, 'Everything Is Beautiful'.


  1. 1. Everything Is Beautiful (03:23)
  2. 2. Everything Is Beautiful (Alternative Edit) (02:54)
  3. 3. Everything Is Beautiful (Jochen Miller Remix) (03:16)
  4. 4. Everything Is Beautiful (Extended Mix) (05:11)
  5. 5. Everything Is Beautiful (Alternative Mix) (03:52)
  6. 6. Everything Is Beautiful (Jochen Miller Extended Remix) (04:49)
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