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Disco Fries feat. Amba Tremain - Love Me Right

March 24, 2014
In a climate all too often obscured by copycat-ism and generic drops, a truly original sound will always shine through. New York duo Disco Fries have been propagating such a sound since the beginning of the career, which has seen them rise from guzzling cheap vodka to reaching the world stage. ‘Love Me Right’ is equal parts funk, disco, and EDM. Amba Tremain’s vocals are absolutely perfect for the vibe of this tune, and she brings out the soul and power suggested by the ridiculously groovy instrumental. The lyrics have it right: “You’ll be thinkin’ about me...” for long after the song stops playing.


  1. 1. Love Me Right (Radio Edit) (03:04)
  2. 2. Love Me Right (Original Mix) (05:18)
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