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Dis Play & Max Meyer - Bluor / Zero Gravity

December 09, 2016
Do you get thrilled by raw basslines and big synths? Do you frantically hold your breath during serene breakdowns? Do throw in a coin or two, because you're about to hit the jackpot. With Dis Play & Max Meyer's ridiculously addictive two-pack, you get all of that and more through the brilliant compositions that are 'Bluor' and 'Zero Gravity'. Do take the time to enjoy these cuts. You don't come across such musical marvels that often.


  1. 1. Bluor (03:33)
  2. 2. Zero Gravity (03:34)
  3. 3. Bluor (Extended Mix) (06:03)
  4. 4. Zero Gravity (Extended Mix) (06:38)
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