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Digital X - Manticore

October 07, 2013
Ukraine's league of upcoming producers is quickly growing, with many outstanding productions as a result. One of them is the mighty 'Manticore', by rising talent Digital X. Let's see how long you can resist dancing once this gem comes up. Last year, Kiev based producer Peter Golub brought us the audio weapons of 'Raptor' and 'Stealth'. This year, he's back, armed with even more of his original goodness. 'Manticore' breaths big-room, building strong and rocking hard. Its melodies get under your skin in no time, and the break will stick with you for a while, long after you've first heard it. Quite the anthem.


  1. 1. Manticore (Original Mix) (06:02)
  2. 2. Manticore (Radio Edit) (03:24)
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