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Dezarate & Michel Manzano - Soul Is In The Air

May 16, 2011
Perfecto aces Dezarate & Michel Manzano deliver a truly hypnotic vocal masterpiece sure to be a hit on the world's most discerning dance floors this summer. Super tight grooves and melancholic melodies intertwine beautifully with an infectious vocal showing off a clean cut 80's electro vibe. Generating mass hysteria every time Paul Oakenfold plays this at his legendary Planet Perfecto residency at The Palms - it's now time to take this Las Vegas clubbing anthem to the rest of the world. With luscious remixes from Lior Lahav and Perfecto headliner Robert Vadney this is a veritable feast of progressive cool just in time for the start of the festival season. Try to run away!


  1. 0. Soul Is In The Air (Original Mix) (07:45)
  2. 0. Soul Is In The Air (Lior Lahav Remix) (08:32)
  3. 0. Soul Is In The Air (Robert Vadney Remix) (06:30)
  4. 0. Soul Is In The Air (Run Away Edit) (06:31)
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