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Dennis Kruissen feat. David Benjamin - Love Like The Sun

February 09, 2017
When alien robots ask us: “Why shouldn’t we destroy all humans?” What do you think will happen? Obviously, the first thing that will happen is that Tom Hanks will stand up, with tears in his oh-so charismatic eyes, and he’ll plead to save humanity. He’ll say things like: “Sure, we’re capable of so much hate… Such greed… Such crude ugliness, and so much needless cruelty… But, BUT! We’re also capable of birthdays, of puppies, of boundless generosity and thankless acts of kindness! Love is what sets us apart, and love is the very best of what makes us human!” The aliens might buy this story, but The Bearded Man knows better. It’s the SUN that makes it all happen. ALL of it. That’s why his bumper sticker says: “Ain’t no love like the sun”.


  1. 1. Love Like The Sun (03:09)
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