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Dennis Kruissen feat. Dave Thomas Junior - This Is It

May 26, 2017
If The Bearded Man could make a music video, this is it: He’d show a guy an a motor scooter riding through the streets of Rome at night. As he takes a turn, we see that he’s about to crash, with the scooter sliding out from under him at a sharp corner. Just as he’s in the middle of the crash, time slows down to just above completely stopped. We zoom into a bead of sweat on the rider's forehead, and we keep zooming even farther in, until it’s clear that there’s a whole world contained within the tiny water droplet. We continue to zoom even farther in, inception style, and we see a Bellagio-esque scene full of only the finest luxuries. Champagne, paintings, decadent, beautiful lighting fixtures, statues... In this view, we see our hero in a tuxedo, running down a corridor with a gorgeous girl — they both look “only a few times in a lifetime” happy. Then we start to zoom out out out very slowly until we are back to the slowed down scooter scene, and that’s it. That’s the end. The Bearded Man doesn’t claim that it makes sense, or that it’s supposed to mean anything significant, but he has definitely felt on more than one occasion that every second is a lifetime.


  1. 1. This Is It (03:03)
  2. 2. This Is It (Extended Mix) (03:39)
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