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Dennis Kruissen feat. Axel Ehnström - South America

September 06, 2016
One of the longest running feuds in South America is over which country first invented Pisco. The Peruvians claim it, but oh no, the Chileans say that it’s all theirs. Many a late night brawl has been fought over this seemingly pointless piece of trivia, because believe it or not, some South Americans take great pride in their spirituous beverages. The Bearded Man was sipping on Cusqueña in a dive bar in Lima when suddenly a tremendous fight broke out all around him. He could hear through his mediocre Spanish that the fight was one of national pride. Suddenly, a Chilean traveller poked him on the shoulder and asked him whether he though Peruvians had invented Pisco or not. The Bearded Man answered immediately, “No.” “HA!” The Chilean man replied. “See!” The Peruvian guy on the other side of the fight asked The Bearded Man “So you are saying it was invented in Chile then!” “Nope.” The Bearded Man replied. “I invented it.” “Because thousands of years ago, one day I decided wine just wasn’t enough.”


  1. 1. South America (02:50)
  2. 2. South America (Extended Mix) (03:26)
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