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Decoy! & The Royalties STHLM - You Are Not Alone

January 12, 2017
They say the music climate is constantly changing. What was hip yesterday is old news today, and so on. The Bearded Man was once booked solid in the 80s as one of the world’s top keytar players. He had an oversized suit, and life was grand. As the 90s rolled in, the phone slowly stopped ringing. He’d get the occasional cover band gig, but it seemed that people weren’t taking his skills seriously anymore. He slipped into a deep depression, wondering if the climate would ever change. For decades, his keytar gathered dust in the corner — a relic of a distant era. One day, while drowning his sorrows, he ran into Decoy! & The Royalties STHLM. They seemed to recognize something deep inside The Bearded Man, and they encouraged him to dust off his long-forgotten instrument. The result was the f***ing WICKED solo in this jam. Evidently he wasn’t alone after all.


  1. 1. You Are Not Alone (03:12)
  2. 2. You Are Not Alone (Extended Mix) (04:13)
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