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De Hofnar feat. Bodhi Jones - Kings and Queens

July 21, 2017
Contemplative, atmospheric, and edgy - this song is well suited to would-be kings and queens lounging by a pool on an overcast day. Sure, it may be cloudy outside, but for the truly dedicated, a pool’s still a pool. The desire to chill is strong, but it’s counter-balanced by a sense of foreboding darkness and gentle longing. Bodhi Jones delivers a soulful vocal performance that will inspire more than a little lovin’ on the dance floor. For his part, De Hofnar is no stranger to dance floors and swimming pools alike, with a string of top-notch records under his belt. Expect a carefree melody underpinned by genuine emotion, crafting a powerful concoction of vibes that’s right on the mark.


  1. 1. Kings and Queens (02:34)
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