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David Gravell - Melbourne

April 06, 2014
'Many doors have openend up for Dutch talent 'David Gravell' since made his debut on W&W's Mainstage Music. With the intriguing ‘Melbourne’, he provides a highly-anticipated follow-up to the mighty ‘Bulldozer’, 'Megatron' & 'Nighthawk'. When you’ve got the support of W&W and Armin van Buuren behind you, you know you’re doing something right. As soon as you hit play on the brand new ‘Melbourne’, you'll know why! Captivating Sounds snatched up this majestic piece, providing a trancy tune with a heavy build-up, powerful melody and just the right energy to make a crowd explode.


  1. 1. Melbourne (Radio Edit) (03:34)
  2. 2. Melbourne (Original Mix) (05:45)
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