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David Forbes & Antonia Lucas - Because Of You 2012

August 06, 2012
Dance music and David Forbes go back a long time. But never, does he stop reinventing himself or his music. The Scotsman now revives his 2009 hit 'Because of You', to give it that 2012 vibe. After several quality collabs with the likes of Alan Nimmo and Full Tilt, David Forbes takes on a the challenge of re-creating his very own 'Because of You' ft. Antonia Lucas. Holding on to its dreamy theme and lush vocals, but giving it that little sharp edge and push of energy, really does give it a welcome update!


  1. 1. Because Of You 2012 (Vocal Mix) (07:17)
  2. 2. Because Of You 2012 (Dub Mix) (07:07)
  3. 3. Because Of You 2012 (Airplay Mix) (04:07)
  4. 4. Because Of You 2012 (Dub Mix Edit) (03:22)
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