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David Forbes and Michael Paterson - Teknika

March 10, 2008
It can't go wrong with the tracks DJ Remy selects for his 68 Recordings! This time it is David Forbes who created a great techbomb! On the remix Mr. Remy himself! He adds an extra amount of nastyness to it! Cant miss this release!DJ Support:Above & Beyond: Support on our radio showArmin van Buuren: Supporting this track!Matt Darey: Massive DJ Remy mix on this one, great way to kick start the year on 68 Rec!DJ Remy: Full Support!EDX: rocking minimal - tek - elektro track!Andy Moor: This seems like a real crowd worker, should work great for my sets


  1. 0. Teknika (DJ Remy Remix) (08:010)
  2. 0. Teknika (Original Mix) (07:17)
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