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David Forbes & Alan Nimmo - Replay / Flex

March 12, 2012
David Forbes and Alan Nimmo have got some new goodies for the eclectic minded! Heading down the prog-trance lane, they present the easy-going, flowing tunes of 'Replay' and 'Flex'! Scottish producer David Forbes and Alan Nimmo both earned their marks in dance history. Both guys have been rocking it out since the early 90's and know the world of dance inside out. Last year, it was their 'Ko Tapu' and 'Galapagos' that shattered on the global floors, this time it's 'Replay' and 'Flex'. 'Replay' a tune with a clear, energetic flow of melody, lush piano and the perfect sound to lose yourself. 'Flex' a high tempo prog-trancer with a bite of tech-house. It's up to you to pick your favourite, but you don't have to choose!


  1. 1. Replay (Original Mix) (07:54)
  2. 2. Flex (Original Mix) (07:43)
  3. 3. Replay (Radio Edit) (03:33)
  4. 4. Flex (Radio Edit) (03:51)
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