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David Duque - Little Shine In The Mountains

June 10, 2013
The progressive depths continue to be explored, this time by upcoming producer David Duque. The Colombian producer makes his Armada debut, with the intriguing 'Little Shine In The Mountains' on Electronic Elements. He's the hidden gem that's about to be unleashed. A well-kept secret, ready to introduce the world to his sounds. He is David Duque, a mid-twenty talent with a keen ear for warm atmospheres with an air of darkness. Already earning the support by the likes of Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren and more, now is the time for the youngster to show his worth. 'Little Shine In The Mountains' reveals a promising future for Duque, delivering a tune of outstanding quality.


  1. 1. Little Shine In The Mountains (Original Mix) (07:21)
  2. 2. Little Shine In The Mountains (Radio Edit) (04:40)
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