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Dave202 vs Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren - Arrival vs Beggin You [Acapella]

March 14, 2011
Sometimes, one track alone can blow your mind, but two can make it explode. Dutch superstar Armin van Buuren has a keen ear for the right combinations, as proved with previous mash-ups and his A State of Trance Yearmixes. When two big tracks come together, a new, even bigger masterpiece unfolds, as is the case with 'Arrival vs. Beggin' You'. Keeping in mind that variety is the soul of pleasure, Armin combined the very best of the acoustic version of Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren's beloved beat ballad 'Beggin' You' and Swiss producer Dave 202's 'Arrival'. The outcome, a stunning piece of contagious trance, has already conquered the hearts of the global crowds and dance society during the massive Armin Only - Mirage shows, and is now ready to do its job on all other floors as well.


  1. 0. Arrival vs Beggin You [Acapella] (Armin van Buuren Mash Up) (07:32)
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