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Dave Seaman & Josh Gabriel - Vorahnung

November 15, 2010
After the success of last year's 'Heyaah', Dave Seaman and Josh Gabriel have returned with another exotic slice of progressive techno in the form of 'Vorahnung'. Named after the German term for 'premonition', this future classic revolves around a thoroughly analog melody that is both haunting and deeply moving. Its rhythms blur through syncopations that fuse triplets with rough-hewn tribal inflected beats, resulting in a groove that is mindboggling in its complexity.Naturally, a floor-filler like 'Vorahnung' should also have a massive remix package - and Different Pieces has put together an EP that further proves the versatility of this track.Synthesizer visionary and tech guru Francis Preve delivers one of the funkiest remixes of his career, transforming the original chords into a tech house stomper, complete with wailing sirens and that monster low-end throb that is swiftly becoming his trademark. This mix is destined to be one of the big room house hits of the season.Egostereo's remix is a punchy and dark progressive tour-de-force with enough whipcrack twists and turns to keep even the most demanding floors writhing in anticipation of where it will go next. Expect to hear this mix at peak floor moments in the coming months.Preve protege and Different Pieces upstart, William A, returns with a deep tech-prog reinterpretation that's the perfect compliment to those hazy afterhours events where down is up and anything goes.Rounding out the remix package, Different Pieces' latest discovery - The Secret Panda Society - turns in another dubstep knockout that further pushes the boundaries of everyone's favorite new genre. Like a hammer to the chest, the Panda's mix extends the sonic flexibility lurking within Seaman and Gabriel's latest brainchild.Support by: Sasha, Steve Angello, Funkagenda, Paolo Mojo, Anthony Pappa, Judge Jules, Gareth Emery, Jerome Isma'Ae,


  1. 0. Vorahnung (Original Mix) (07:24)
  2. 0. Vorahnung (Francis Preve Remix) (06:03)
  3. 0. Vorahnung (Egostereo Remix) (06:31)
  4. 0. Vorahnung (William A Remix) (06:03)
  5. 0. Vorahnung (Secret Panda Society Remix) (06:10)
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