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Dash Berlin feat. Sarah Howells - Go It Alone

April 09, 2012
Not many words are needed to describe Dash Berlin's new single. Whenever Dash and Sarah Howells work together the universe seems to bend a little to create new space for electrifying beauty. "Sarah Howells is unique, I have this special thing with her; I really feel every word she sings. I love working with her" says Dash Berlin. And people don't call the Dutchman 'the king of vocal Trance' for nothing; 'Go It Alone' is another one of those 'forget-everything-around-you-on-the-dance-floor-and-just-sing-along' tracks that have made him famous the world over.


  1. 1. Go It Alone (Club Mix) (06:45)
  2. 2. Go It Alone (Radio Edit) (03:15)