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Dash Berlin featuring Emma Hewitt - Dash Berlin feat. Emma Hewitt - Waiting

October 05, 2009
2009 has been an exciting year for Dutch producer Jeff Sutorius. Not only did he start the Aropa label at Armada Music and release mega hit 'Man On The Run', he also spend his time working on a first artist album. After a year of hard work, all the Dash Berlin sounds will now be out on 'The New Daylight', an album that lights all different angles of dance music; trance, progressive, house and even a little slice of techno. 'Waiting' is the highly anticipated third Dash Berlin single. In collaboration with Australian singer Emma Hewitt, who's voice appeared on tracks by Cosmic Gate, Chris Lake and Serge Devant, Dash Berlin brings a sugar sweet trance ballad. Strong and tender at the same time, 'Waiting' hits in with Emma's tear-jerking, angelic vocals and the pure Dash Berlin sound: big room fit, synth-driven and hitting in right where it's supposed to.


  1. 0. Waiting (Radio Edit) (02:58)
  2. 0. Waiting (Vocal Mix) (09:32)
  3. 0. Waiting (Dub Mix) (07:38)
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