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Dash Berlin feat. Chris Madin - Silence In Your Heart

July 16, 2012
Dutch Trance hero Dash Berlin is known for his special connection with his fans, his healthy work ethic, crazy global tour schedules and a creative appetite for powerful, emotional music. Over the years he stayed loyal to his own signature sound, not distracted by the latest hipster trends. His prediction about Trance becoming even bigger in 2013 is exciting and music to the ears of the ever growing, world-wide Trance family, who are eagerly yearning for more euphoric sets and a DJ that dares to stand up for, and stay true to, a musical genre so dear to them. Dash's album #musicislife quickly grows on people on a global scale as yet another classic. The Dutch DJ's new single from the album features his latest discovery who goes by the name of Chris Madin, a UK singer with a voice to die for, who delivers a stunning vocal performance on Dash Berlin's brand new single "Silence In Your Heart". "I've been playing this one in my sets for a while now and people have referred to 'Silence In Your Heart' as one of the biggest tracks on my album. It's requested a lot on Twitter and Facebook before my gigs, so I'm really excited about the release and to be launching a new music video for the fans." says an enthusiastic Dash Berlin when we get to speak to him briefly, before he heads back to the island of Ibiza, where the never ending party continues.


  1. 1. Silence In Your Heart (Club Mix) (05:09)
  2. 2. Silence In Your Heart (4 Strings Remix) (05:06)
  3. 3. Silence In Your Heart (Antillas Remix) (07:16)
  4. 4. Silence In Your Heart (LTN Remix) (06:10)
  5. 5. Silence In Your Heart (Radio Edit) (02:40)
  6. 6. Silence In Your Heart (4 Strings Radio Edit) (03:01)
  7. 7. Silence In Your Heart (Antillas Radio Edit) (03:37)
  8. 8. Silence In Your Heart (LTN Dub Mix) (06:10)
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