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Dash Berlin, Cerf, Mitiska and Jaren - Man On The Run

March 02, 2009
Dutch producer collective Dash Berlin teamed up with Armada Music to bring us a new sound. One that surely had impact. Need some proof? Let us welcome you to their first release: 'Man On The Run'. Remember that cracker of a remix Dash Berlin did on Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren’s ‘You Never Said’? You’re right, it rocked big time. And the trance lovers weren’t the only ones loving this blend of sounds. So did Cerf, Mitiska, Jaren and Dash Berlin. There was such a musical chemistry that they decided to join forces and hook up for a promising collab. ‘Man On The Run’ is the result of this exciting team up and the proof that these team players can truly live up to the expectations. ‘Man On The Run’ is the beautiful piece of music that again shows how great beats, a voice to die for and a tempting melody can form something beyond euphoria, beauty or pure listening pleasure. This team has found their perfect match. ‘Man On The Run’ goes deep, hits high and leaves you speechless. 


  1. 1. Man On The Run (Dash Berlin 4am Remix) (09:43)
  2. 2. Man On The Run (Original Vocal Mix) (09:04)
  3. 3. Man On The Run (Dub Mix) (07:52)
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