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Dark Providers - Neo

October 06, 2008
Simon Garcia and Karim Shaker are also known as the untouchable duo 'Simon & Shaker'. But next to this successful guise, they also found a way to release their darker, deeper stuff. As the Dark Providers these Spanish producers/dj's create a wave of proghouse tracks that can't be stopped.With 'Neo' they've got another track ready to hit the clubs and infect them with the Dark Providers virus. A contagious drive, skimming break and several forces of effects that will send you off to a different world. Not to mention the surprising vocal striking you down right after all of this. DJ SUPPORT:Sander van Doorn: The Original mix is fantastic, full support!Andy Moor: great track :-)Blake Jarrel: Playing the original!


  1. 0. Neo (Original mix) (09:48)
  2. 0. Neo (Teramik Dub) (08:00)
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