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Dark Matters feat. Jess Morgan - The Perfect Lie

May 21, 2012
Another musical light sparks from the Dark Matters album. 'The Perfect Lie', carrying the warm voice of Jess Morgan, is the next masterpiece to land from the 'Fallen Feathers' collection. Dreamy vocals, warm melody and the flow of prog-trance, that's what the Beat Service remix of this beauty is all about. If anyone knows how to light up the dark, it's Estonian producer Beat Service. The creator of 'Waiting for The Sun', 'Masquerade' and 'Cut & Run', now takes charge with his remixing skills. 'The Perfect Lie' changes from piano ballad to a deep, ecstatic prog-trancer.


  1. 1. The Perfect Lie (Beat Service Remix) (08:08)
  2. 2. The Perfect Lie (Beat Service Radio Edit) (04:05)
  3. 3. The Perfect Lie (Album Mix) (03:28)
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