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Danny Chen - Last Chance For Love

October 22, 2014
The American DJ and Producer Danny Chen is back on Statement! with his 3rd single release! After his debut 'Yoru', his recent 'Sunny Days' and his two collaborations with Ruben de Ronde, he is about to enter your heart with the beautiful 'Last Chance For Love'. 'Last Chance For Love' carries the signature, beautiful, piano sounds of Danny, taking you on a warm journey in to his soul. It all sounds a bit cheesy, but don't worry the breakdown of this new single will make sure that dance floors will erupt, and more importantly: it will bring out your biggest smile! If this is Danny's 'Last Chance For Love' , I think he has no worries, he will find mutual love with this track!


  1. 1. Last Chance For Love (Original Mix) (06:11)
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