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Dankann & Antillas feat. Laurell - When You Love Someone

March 11, 2013
A highlight to 2012's summer, Dankann & Antillas' 'Unika' returns to provide a warm glow to early 2013. Transformed into 'When You Love Someone', this is the vocal remake of a brilliant piece of feel-good!We've said it before, and we'll say it again: it doesn't get better than the combined sounds of Antillas and Dankann. The Italian dream team keeps our hearts racing, pounding to the beat of their productions. In August 2012, they brought us the melodic, outstanding 'Unika'. Truly unique, it gave sound to summer. Not that we're in mid-winter, with temperatures below zero, a bit of warmth is more than welcome. Luckily, there's the voice of Laurell to start a fire. 'When You Love Someone' is contagious, powerful and makes it impossible to resist a smile.


  1. 1. When You Love Someone (Club Mix) (04:58)
  2. 2. When You Love Someone (Radio Edit) (02:46)
  3. 3. When You Love Someone (Maor Levi Remix) (06:33)
  4. 4. When You Love Someone (Maor Levi Radio Edit) (03:27)
  5. 5. When You Love Someone (Breaks Mix) (02:56)
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