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Danilo Ercole - That Same Song Again

January 18, 2010
Sometimes it's a matter of only one bootleg before the pathway towards success unfolds itself. It was early 2007, that the tasteful progressive trance sound of Brazilian producer/DJ Danilo Ercole didn't go unnoticed. After a remix for Global Illumination beauty 'Tremble' on the Armind label, Danilo crash-landed into the dance scene, with the support of the DJ elite on his side.After Coldharbour release 'Harbour' and S107 vocal track 'Broken Wings', Danilo kicks off the year with 'That Same Song Again'. A bit of a tricky name for a progressive clubcracker such as this one, cause yes please, we would like to hear 'That Same Song Again'! With a deep bass and provoking kicks, Ercole shows he's able to translate his Brazilian temperament into an inflammable proggy trancer for the dancefloor.The Arty remix of 'That Same Song Again' kicks in with a higher pace and deeper, more techy impact.


  1. 0. That Same Song Again (Original Mix) (08:45)
  2. 0. That Same Song Again (Arty Remix) (06:48)
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