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Daniel Kandi and Robert Nickson - Liberate

September 08, 2008
A unique collaboration on Armin van Buurens label "A State of Trance"! Two big guns of the trance scene decided to team up to deliver two great EP's and this is the first one.Danish Daniel Kandi and Dutch Robert Nickson sat down in the studio together and wrote two tracks and "Liberate" is the first one to see the daylight! This huge trancer stands out because of its great anthem'ish guitar riff and catchy melody lines. Besides this the "original" mix has both of the guys signature all over it, which means ofcourse a big peaktime trancer!On the remix duties Daniel and Robert decided to go for a great pumpy powerfull mix by Paul Miller and they asked Dutch Ruben de Ronde to take care of a techy mix! More info: / DJ Support: Armin van Buuren: Supporting! Nice coorperation between these two guysJudge Jules: Playing the Ruben de Ronde Remix!Sebastian Brandt: Original works the best for meAly & Fila: Supporting!


  1. 0. Liberate (Original Mix) (06:48)
  2. 0. Liberate (Paul Miller Remix) (07:53)
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