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Daleri feat. Vice - Somebody Told Me (En Route)

December 31, 2012
The Daleri duo gets a taste for success. Following the up-high chart positions of their latest rocker 'En Route', is the official vocal version of this catchy feel-good tune. 'Somebody Told Me' sways to the same swell rhythm, while kicking in with the soulful vocals of VICE! Well on their way up, the Swedish boys of the Daleri project know exactly how to stretch the curve. Producers Eric Kvarnström and Robert Kanat find themselves right at home at the Trice Recordings label, with their energetic, eclectic and funky sound making a perfect fit. 'En Route', the second release on the label, has now been transformed into a block-rocking vocal tune. Featuring the soulful vocals of Dutch talent Faisal Ben Said, under his VICE moniker, 'Somebody Told Me' takes that feel-good vibe of 'En Route' even higher!


  1. 1. Somebody Told Me (En Route) (Original Mix) (04:46)
  2. 2. Somebody Told Me (En Route) (Radio Edit) (03:05)
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