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Dakota - Thoughts Become Things

June 29, 2009
We're only halfway through 2009, yet it already looks like this will be the year of Dakota. During his sabbatical in London at the turn of the millennium, Markus Schulz conceived this alter ego for certain productions - a darker, more progressive side of him which has been the foundation for the hallmarked Coldharbour sound. Dakota coming from the name of the street he lived on in Arizona in the 90's. It's been seven years since Markus Schulz first let the darker, deeper and more moody side of him come to the forefront. Not that he needed it to elevate the position he enjoys today. Over the years he has grown to be one of the world's most popular DJ's and producers. Founding the Coldharbour and Coldharbour Red labels, running a weekly radioshow that is now listened to by 10 million fans around the world, releasing 2 massive artist albums, winning several awards, including one for 'Best American DJ' in 2009, and ending up in the 8th position of the DJ Mag Top 100 listing, is only just a brief summary of what he's been up to. In the meantime, the Dakota alias has been biding its time. That time is now. Seven years after his last release, Dakota returns with a full artist album. Markus:"I just have been busy doing music under my own name, and when I started on this project, I just wanted to make some deeper more dark tunes for my DJ sets this summer. When I was finished, I realized that this was much darker and deeper than my usual artist album and I did not want my fans to get confused and think I was changing my style, so I thought that putting this out under the old Dakota name I used in the early millennium was a better idea. "With 'Thoughts Become Things', Markus Schulz brings us an album on which he allows the Dakota identity to take over completely. Markus: " The album name was inspired from the Rhonda Byrne book called 'The Secret'. The main mantra throughout the book is that thoughts become things. It really is a fascinating self motivation book that I read all the time. I had a lot of ideas and thoughts after my gigs, while on an airplane and even while I was performing on stage. When I took the ideas into the studio they really came to life and turned into the things that they now are." With a flawless, characteristic sound that varies from minimalistic trance, to progressive techno and deep house, 'Thoughts Become Things' turns thoughts into motion. Dakota is back in full effect.


  1. 0. Chinook (Original Mix) (09:05)
  2. 0. Sin City (Original Mix) (08:03)
  3. 0. Koolhaus (Original Mix) (08:33)
  4. 0. Steel Libido (Original Mix) (06:33)
  5. 0. Lima (Original Mix) (07:40)
  6. 0. Roxy '84 (Original Mix) (08:03)
  7. 0. Re-Swirl (Original Mix) (08:33)
  8. 0. Mr. Cappuccino (Original Mix) (08:08)
  9. 0. The Doorway (Original Mix) (05:03)
  10. 0. Johnny The Fox (Original Mix) (07:33)
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