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Dada feat. Lee Williams - Get Your Body On

October 02, 2017
Getting listeners to sway for the full duration of the song, ‘Get Your Body On’ is the next brilliant record from Dada. The follow-up to debut single ‘Still Love You’, this song oozes summer vibes through the upbeat chords and Lee Williams’ vocals and is poised to conquer the club scene as well through an additional remix from Dada himself. Now go and make every single one of your dance moves count.


  1. 1. Get Your Body On (03:06)
  2. 2. Get Your Body On (Dada Remix) (03:18)
  3. 3. Get Your Body On (Extended Mix) (04:35)
  4. 4. Get Your Body On (Dada Extended Remix) (04:47)
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