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Dabruck & Klein vs Morgan Page - Liaison

October 15, 2012
A few months ago, German duo Dabruck & Klein made a big announcement: a collaboration with Grammy nominee Morgan Page was on its way. Well, here it is! It's called 'Liason' and it's going to do some serious damage to the floors! With the United States being the new epicenter of EDM, heroes arise. Part of that ever-growing scene for more than a decade and building a solid reputation ever since landing his debut release, is Morgan Page. And there's one thing he's got in common with the Dabruck & Klein guys: he sure as hell knows how to come up with some banging prog-house tunes. Combining their skills results in a tune of absolute guilty pleasure. You don't really want to hear the same tune over and over again, but 'Liason' is too good not to have stuck on repeat. A slick melody, booming bass and a high dose of addictive energy make this an absolute winner.


  1. 1. Liaison (Original Mix) (06:41)
  2. 2. Liaison (Radio Edit) (03:13)
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