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Dabruck & Klein vs Gregori Klosman - Freak

December 13, 2010
For the nocturnal society, there's only one rule: the freaks come out at night. And you know where to find them. Right there in the club, dancing to their new anthem. Provided by German duo Dabruck & Klein and Gregori Klosman, they move to the rhythm of 'Freak'. The official pre-party, given by the contagious houser 'I've Got My Pride ( Hold My Head High)', has warmed up the crowd for the next big thing. The one-liner "You're a freak like me, I'm a freak like you" will shatter across the club floors, with an all-demolishing effect. Stefan Dabruck & Frank Klein teamed up with Frenchman Gregori Klosman to bring out a balanced mix of maddening electro-house and stabby tech. 'Freak' will certainly bring out some party-loving creatures!


  1. 0. Freak (Original Mix) (06:23)
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