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Da Hool - No Love Anymore

July 25, 2011
Responsible for one of EDM's biggest classics, 'Meet Her At The Love Parade', is German producer Frank Tomiczek. Under his Da Hool moniker, he released a slew of records that got stuck in the memory of ten-thousands of dance lovers. His new one, 'No Love Anymore', is about to do just the same. 'No Love Anymore' marks a new chapter for Da Hool. A contagious cross-over of trance and house takes over, as the groove kicks in and the vocals take you higher. It's got that epic feel over it, that can make a 10,000+ headed festival crowd explode! Nothing but love for 'No Love Anymore'. For the more playful, beach party type of tune, try the Balearic Summer Mix. Housy, groovy and filled with sun-drenched beats. The Hoolnagee is a fully fledged peak-timer, while the Hool vs Mike Silence Mix teases with a deeper, housy feel to it all.


  1. 0. No Love Anymore (Hoolnagee Mix) (05:35)
  2. 0. No Love Anymore (Balearic Summer Mix) (05:05)
  3. 0. No Love Anymore (Hool vs Mike Silence Mix) (05:48)
  4. 0. No Love Anymore (Radio Edit) (03:43)
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