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D-Mad - Forsheez

November 06, 2011
Part of Russia's league of upcoming producers, D-Mad makes his debut on the ReBrand label. 'Forsheez' is that melodic piece of prog-house you were just looking for! One of the most beloved tracks of 2010 was conceived in the studio of Russian producer Dmitry Lysenko. D-Mad's 'She Gave Happiness' rocked the globe, either through its original or the pounding Arty remix. But there was more. 'Celeste', 'I Love Indigo' and 'Under Pressure' were, piece by piece, proof of a new talent on the rise. 'Forsheez' is the next tune to put this St. Petersburg based producer on the map. A warm melody, heavy kicks and playful elements provide an anthem that fits any time and setting. It's got the vibe of house, but the warmth of prog-trance. 'Forsheez' is one of those tracks that will get and keep you going, each time you hear it. If you prefer the more trancy approach to this jewel, rock to the Eximinds remix. If it's prog-house all the way, with floorsweeping, synth-driven sounds, find your bliss in the Aknael & Bekeela remix.


  1. 1. Forsheez (Original Mix) (07:30)
  2. 2. Forsheez (Eximinds Remix) (07:41)
  3. 3. Forsheez (Aknael & Bekeela Remix) (06:18)
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