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Conjure One feat. Aruna - Still Holding On

October 07, 2013
Re-defining the boundaries of electronic and ambient music, Conjure One makes the big blend on his new single 'Still Holding On'. Featuring the warm vocals of Aruna, is the highly anticipated successor to 'Under The Gun'. The hunting depth of 'Under The Gun' still lingers in our minds. But the mastermind behind Delerium and former member of Front Line Assembly, producer Rhys Fulber, is not the type to be resting on his laurels. And so, he hooked up with singer-songwriter Aruna, to bring a modern cross-over tune that warms, enchants and simply takes you away. 'Still Holding On' is everything EDM needs right now. For a trancy take on 'Still Holding On', let yourself be taken by the Arisen Flame remix. For something completely different, outside-the-box, be indulged by the Clinton VanSciver remix. Extraordinary!


  1. 1. Still Holding On (Original Mix) (05:37)
  2. 2. Still Holding On (Arisen Flame Remix) (07:03)
  3. 3. Still Holding On (Clinton VanSciver Remix) (06:18)
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