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Clément Leroux - Parted Ways

January 25, 2019
The last words anyone wants to hear are “I think it’s time we parted ways”. While The Bearded Man has been forced to say that to various people throughout his life, he’s also been on the receiving end of it a few times. And it sucked every time. Sure, it wasn’t always justified. Once someone left him because his “beard was gross” and another because he “didn’t bathe often enough” and another because his “beard smelled like a foot”. Ouch. But that wasn’t really fair. In fact, a couple breakups could even be called prejudice towards beardwardly gentlemen. Still, once or twice, he’s had to deal with the sting of being left for reasons he never fully understood… Every now and again in life, things click for one person but not the other. Who’s to say why that happens? For his part, The Bearded Man has always resorted to travel in such circumstances. But if you ask him, he’ll swear he’s not running from anything.

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