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Claudia Cazacu - Valley Of The Kings

April 12, 2010
Claudia Cazacu - Valley of the KingsWithin every woman, is a bit of mystery. By giving her all in music, Claudia Cazacu reveals some of hers. Keeping her beats and melodies close at heart, with emotional and sense-awakening sounds, has seen her establish herself as one of the promising producing talents in today's trance scene. Though the secret of her musical talent is long gone, with tracks like 'Freefalling', 'Lekker' and 'Nefertiti' working the minds of thousands of trance lovers, a new revelation is coming out. 'Valley of the Kings' is the lady's new weapon on the floors. Wrapped in mystery, the emotional vocals and mind-shivering melody leaves you spellbound. The driving force, the beat, will keep your body moving while in trance. This queen of trance knows more than well how to get a party going. Dariusz Romanowski, residing under the Dereck Recay moniker, smoothed 'Valley of the Kings' with an extra trancy sound, fit for any peak time moment.


  1. 0. Valley Of The Kings (Original Mix) (07:45)
  2. 0. Valley Of The Kings (Dereck Recay Remix) (07:56)
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