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Claudia Cazacu - Translucent

August 09, 2010
Tech-trance or maybe uplifting after all? When asked about her own style, British DJ and producer Claudia Cazacu doesn't want to make a choice. "It's diverse", she says, "I don't like to categorize." Either way, this open-minded lady started her professional career back in 2007, but was especially busy in the past months. This London superwoman has pampered us with many high quality releases, from the tempting 'Lekker' and trancy 'Valley Of The Kings' to vocal collab 'Freefalling'. All those into her sound, count yourself lucky, cause this multi-faced producer isn't planning to stop. Once her new track 'Translucent' is in your CD player, you'll hear that Claudia found the perfect balance between playful synth-sounds and a pumping baseline. The tempting melody of 'Translucent' builds up in the breakdown and captures you completely unexpected. Goosebumps guaranteed! And even though she doesn't like to categorize, any uplifting trance fan will surely look forward to this one.


  1. 0. Translucent (Original Mix) (06:56)
  2. 0. Translucent (Paul Vernon Remix) (08:41)
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