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Chriss Ortega & Rocking J - Hymn / Wanaka

March 07, 2011
German producer Christian Hofsäss a.k.a. Chriss Ortega is one of those producers constantly in search of that perfect beat and ingenious hook. And sometimes, he finds them. He picks up new influences and ideas wherever he goes, resulting in a broad range of releases within the past seven years. Remixes for the likes of StoneBridge, Mischa Daniels, Laurent Wolf and Robbie Rivera are just a few names on his remix-list. His collaborations with CJ Stone and Chandler Pereira have left nothing but destroyed floors around the globe. His latest double release, 'Hymn' & 'Wanaka', is another team up, this time with Jens Gillich a.k.a. Rocking J. Together, they created a prog-trance 'Hymn', that starts deep and dark, to unfold later. Its easy going, gentle build-up turns into an emotional breakdown which rapidly fades into a euphoric pay off. 'Wanaka' rides tighter sounds, and has a proggy core of playful, tingling piano-lines. Chriss Ortega and Rocking J have delivered another strong addition to their diverse catalog.


  1. 0. Hymn (Original Mix) (08:17)
  2. 0. Wanaka (Original Mix) (08:20)
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