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Chris Schweizer - Reflections / Generation

June 03, 2013
You'll get no better road-test than the biggest trance event in Europe. Premiered during his set at A State of Trance 600 in Den Bosch, Chris Schweizer presents the smashing duo of 'Reflections' and 'Generation'. A name on the rise. A talent on his way up. Chris Schweizer is the Argentinean producer whose sounds you'll be meeting on the dance floor soon, if you haven't already. Making a quick rise with the tunes of 'One', 'Let's Rock', 'Iris' and the Tomas Heredia collab 'Darksiders', the Buenos Aires boy seems to have found the right groove. Now making his grand debut on the ASOT label, he serves a set of tunes that can't be pigeonholed. 'Reflection' has that techy flow and electro-driven sound that we've already come to know him for. 'Generation' beats any peak-timer, serving a melodic core that gets everyone in awe. Two strong additions to the quickly growing Schweizer discography.


  1. 1. Reflections (Original Mix) (05:41)
  2. 2. Generation (Original Mix) (05:34)
  3. 3. Reflections (Radio Edit) (02:34)
  4. 4. Generation (Radio Edit) (02:58)
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